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Messukeskus, The Finnish Fair Corporation
Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 40 450 3250
Business ID/VAT Number: 01163223

Name of the register

The Finnish Fair Corporation’s register of Matka 2023 Workshop Day participants.

Temporary users of the register

Matka Workshop Day Team Members.

Contact person responsible for the file

Matka Workshop Day Team,

Legal basis and purpose of processing personal data

The legal basis for processing personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation is the controller’s justified interest (e.g., customer relationship, employment relationship, membership).

The purpose of processing personal data is to enable matchmaking in Matka Workshop Day B2B event on 18 January 2023, and organizers’ Matka Workshop Day related communication to participants.

Contents of the register

Company Profile Information

Company Name
Telephone- Fax number
E-Mail address
Short description of your company
Your chosen items during your registration, e.g. Tickets, Seminars, Workshops etc

Person Profile Information

First name, last name
Telephone, Fax number
Special diet; shared with the catering company only

Your chosen password
E-Mail-Address and password are the credentials (Converve-ID) to access the Networking Platform

Product Profile Information

Short description of your offer
Short description of your search

IP-address of device having access to our server
Timestap of access / registration

The data will be shared with registered and validaded participants of Matka 2023 Workshop Day according to meeting matrix. Otherwise, we will not sell or disclose your data to external parties except for Special diet information, which is shared only with the catering company. We will also not transfer data outside the EEA other than in circumstances permitted by data protection legislation. Personal data may also be transferred or disclosed to the authorities if the applicable law so demands.

The data will be stored for 365 days after Matka 2023 Workshop Day. After that, the data will be destroyed.


Participant’s rights as a data subject

After you have created a profile in Matka 2023 Workshop Day matchmaking system, you can check and change your information by logging in to the system. Based on the nature of the event as a matchmaking platform, it is not possible to hide or remove your profile. However, if you cancel your participation to the event according to Terms of Participation, your profile data will be removed.

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